Manic Mutts Pet Sitting Website

December 2016

Manic Mutts is a single-page services business website that plays simple, looks good, but has the feature set necessary to attract new business for the owner!

It’s 100% hosted on Amazon Web Services – specifically Amazon S3. A solution to send messages and make bookings is provided through a hookup of Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda and Amazon SES.

Visually, the site contains an Instagram “feed” – images for the owner’s account periodically scraped out of Instagram. The site also contains a testimonial list. Both these features are presented as Slick sliders, and both are JSON file powered. No database in sight!

GovHack’s 2016 website

October 2016

GovHack is Australia’s largest open data event, held annually as a 2-day hackathon in cities and towns across Australia and New Zealand.

Constrained by time, their website was redeveloped in WordPress with a juicy heavily-customised theme, and complemented under-the-hood with a SCSS parser, several custom post types for managing locations and prizes. Continue reading GovHack’s 2016 website

Natural Therapy Centre

May 2016

Neil approached me in May 2016 to develop a new website for his naturopath/homeopath practice, the longest-established in Chatswood. The pivotal factor was timeliness; we needed to get the website back up and running because it had already been offline for a little while!

The solution was developed on WordPress, utilising a heavily customised version of the Square theme. Out of all the features, the client found that the little things did matter:

  • Every single button and line of text on the custom homepage is editable by the client.
  • The phone number is clickable.
  • The yearly figure automatically updates (26 Years Experience becomes 27 next year)

I look forward to seeing Neil’s website shoot to the top of Google search rankings! Continue reading Natural Therapy Centre

GradWrap: October edition

April 2016

I photographed and compiled the October 2014 edition of Westpac Group’s GradWrap magazine, with the assistance of the editorial and writing teams.

Back in 2014, I was the photographer for the magazine… but I did get the chance to whet my design appetite on one of the periodicals. It was compiled and designed in Microsoft Word – yes, Microsoft Word – I still look back and wonder why I was crazy enough to do attempt that.

From that point on I decided to return to using InDesign, which I subsequently used for the GradWrap 2014 Grad Yearbook.

Recruitment posters

January 2015

The Army Cadet unit in North Sydney recruits twice annually for new members from local High Schools. I create a design for the posters every year specifically targeting the youth segment. The posters generally get printed onto A3 and placed in high-visibility locations by our current members. Specifically, it’s important to combine striking imagery alongside captions that stand out to teenage kids.

201501_Poster1  sm_main-July2015 copy2







Generally we get a good percentage that turn up the the information evening based on website and poster visibility alone!

Mobile phone store

June 2014

A mobile shop in Sydney required simple graphical marketing handouts/posters for advertising in the local area. I provided some simple, cheerful flat designs that suited their market segment of university-aged students.

Mobile phone store - sales media Mobile phone store - moving media

Duffy Constructions

June 2012

John, the principal of Duffy Constructions, had an existing website which was managed by a web design firm – a firm that wasn’t paying much attention to his requirements. They were paying a monthly subscription fee for an under-delivered online solution, and that’s when they approached me to build a modern, updated and informative website.

Duffy Constructions website design

Their new website was deployed onto WordPress, on a theme that was built from scratch, using the currently-popular flat design colour trend.

Creative Bits

April 2011

Creative Bits was a web development agency – a partnership formed over an opportunity to spin out website/web application projects for small and fledgling businesses. Though we don’t run this agency anymore, some of our projects have since disappeared, and some remain alive today; this period is most memorable for the beginnings of the Synapps medical billing app.

Creative Bits 2012-2014